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Maui Shore Diving

Guided Scuba Dives

Want to dive off of Maui's beautiful beaches while avoiding large groups and crowded dive sites?  You've come to the right place!


I provide a private, truly personalized dive experience that caters to your party's needs and experience level.  We will choose from a number of dive sites based on optimal weather and water conditions for an exciting yet relaxing dive.



  • Includes all gear, weights, tanks and HI G.E.T. tax

  • All pricing is a flat rate with NO HIDDEN FEES!

  • Gratuity not included

Single Diver:

  • 1 tank:  $175

  • 2 tank dive at the same location:  $225

  • 2 tank dive at different locations:  $250


Two or More Divers:

  • 1 tank dive:  $150

  • 2 tank dive at the same location: $175

  • 2 tank dive at different locations:  $200

Night Dive


Single Diver:

  • 1 tank:  $200

  • Each additional tank:  $50

Two or More Divers:

  • 1 tank dive:  $175 

  • Each additional tank:  $50

*Dive lights available for rent

Discover Scuba Diving


Never been diving?  No problem!  Let's get your "feet wet" with my Discover Scuba Diving Program!  I'll teach you the basics and take you on an introductory dive up to 40 feet so you too can swim with the fishes and turtles, and rays and...

sharks, and eels and...

octopuses, and frogfish and...

crabs, and lobsters and...

shrimps, and...

Single Diver: 

  • Intro course and 1 tank:  $200

  • Each additional tank:  $50

 2 or more Divers:

  • Into course and 1 tank:  $175

  • Each additional tank:  $50

Related Services:

PADI Refresher Course

Are you a certified diver who's skills might be a little rusty?  Been a year or more since you've been diving?  Might I suggest taking the PADI Refresher Course?...This quick refresher course is perfect for those who have been through the gauntlet of Open Water training, but are in need of a little freshening up on skills and equipment use.

Just $50 more with Dive Booking

Learn more about my PADI Refresher Course

Scuba with frogfish
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