Feature Dive Sites 

Mala Pier

Mala Pier is a steel reinforced concrete structure built in 1922 in order to embark and disembark passengers and goods, but heavy surf and strong currents made it next to impossible for steamships to tie up here (apparently something locals knew all along).  Upon this discovery, Mala continued to be used for smaller craft and for shuttling from larger offshore craft.  It was also used for whaling activities and by thousands of soldiers during WWII while on shore leave in Lahaina.  Then in 1992, the end of Mala Pier was completely destroyed by the 30ft waves of Hurricane Iniki.  It's skeleton now scatters the ocean floor creating one of Maui's most abundant and bio diverse dive sites!  It is not uncommon to see green sea turtles, white tip reef sharks and spotted eagle rays all in one dive!

Black Rock Point, located in front of the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa, is a great place to spot green sea turtles, white tip reef sharks and lots of little critters hiding amongst the rocks and coral.  An IDEAL spot for night diving, the reef comes alive when the sun goes down.  Conger eels, sleepy sponge crabs and squid are just a few of the residents that can be seen here after hours.

Black Rock

Kahekili Beach Park

Kahekili Beach Park (also known as Airport Beach) is a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach with an easily accessible reef perfect for exploring.  You're guaranteed to see many of Maui's common endemic species of sea life as well as the chance to encounter some rare creatures as well.  For more advanced divers up for the challenge, we can venture out over deep sand in search of Airport Beach's famous 80 ft. Rock which is teeming with life!  Warning:  80 ft. Rock is a trek only recommended for divers with great air consumption. 

Kapalua bay is located in front of the Ritz Carlton, accessed by an easy walk from the parking lot and is well protected to provide for a fun and relaxing dive. Always a good chance for seeing turtles, a number of fish and lots of little critters hidden in the coral. Also...listen for the squeaks and eeks of dolphin pods passing by!

Kapalua Bay

Napili Bay

Beautiful Napili bay is well protected and offers a nice easy dive with lots of sandy bottom, a shallow mid-bay reef and some smaller satellite reef scattered throughout the bay.  It's great for beginners or those staying in the area who don't want to travel far to get their diving fix. You're guaranteed to see a number of resident reef fish here and don't be surprised if you run into a turtle or two underwater!  Then after your dive, grab a bite and enjoy the view at Napili's famous Sea House Restaurant.

Honolua Bay is one of the northern most dive spots that Destination Diving Maui ventures to, and for good reason.  It is a gem of a site with turquoise waters abundant with creatures both common and rare, big and small.  From nudibranchs and frog fish to green sea turtles and spotted eagle rays and everything in between, this underwater adventure is sure to satisfy your critter craving.

Honolua Bay


Olowalu (also known as Turtle Reef) is a large stretch of reef, home to hundreds of years old coral heads and an abundance of endemic sea life.  Known for its shallow reef great for water sports such as scuba and snorkeling, it is an ideal spot for scuba training and for those who might need a little freshening up on their scuba skills.